Naming Your Cat is Fun!

Congratulations on your new cat! You’ve just entered into a relationship with one of the world’s most loving, imaginative, and entertaining creatures. Cats give so much and ask for so little – two squares a day, a warm place to sleep in the sun, and a NAME to be proud of.

Now, by ordinary, we don’t mean a name that every Tom, Dick or hairy feline is likely to have, too. We mean a name you’ll use at mealtime, bedtime, and throughout an ordinary day.

The extraordinary names, the nicknames that you’ll find that describe your cat perfectly…those will develop over time as you get to know your new companion better and more and more character traits are revealed to you.

Naming your kitten or cat should be fun, too. The name you choose for your new friend says as much about you as it does about your cat. It shows how you view your cat and your relationship with him or her.

kitten names

Choosing the proper name for your cat is an important decision; you want to capture your little friend’s personality AND show your originality. But don’t worry. Armed with the ideas, suggestions and tips in this easy, fact- and fun-filled guide – the purr-fect name is just around the corner.

What’s in a name? Everything

Is a good name for really important?

Yes! The name is a reflection of the place he or she has in your life. The name you choose reflects on your pet’s personality and on the rest of your family. Choosing the perfect name is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world just how creative and insightful you are. Also, your cat’s name will be repeated often – both in public and in private.

Do you realize that cat owners are likely to say their cat’s name over 20,000 times? …Don’t get stuck with a clunker. Your family will always remember who it was that came up with the name that sticks.

Did you know?

That many names have meanings?… knowing the meanings of names adds a fun new dimension to finding the perfect name. There are some great cat names portals on internet, such as Cat Names Unique, where you can browse through thousands of cat names with their meanings.

That naming trends are changing?… you can get with the trend, do something retro, or or start your own trend.

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