What To Do When Your Pet Gets Matted

Let me congratulate you on taking the first step to making your pet more comfortable. Situations like this occur, usually unintentionally, but are easily fixed. That newly adopted pet comes to you in bad shape, your pet is left with friends or at a Boca Raton boarding facility and comes home in this condition, or sometimes life just gets away from us, and before we know it, Fluffy is a mess.

Remember, one of the major responsibilities of owning a pet includes grooming as part of the pet’s health and well-being. Trying to brush out matted fur is uncomfortable and painful for your pet and neither one of us wants to inflict pain on Fluffy.

The easiest and most humane thing to do when your pet gets matted is to simply start over. Clipping your pet down short immediately eliminates the discomfort they have been feeling by having matted hair pulling at their skin. Follow this up with a soothing medicated bath because there are usually skin issues under all that matted fur.

Please be aware that dealing with matted pets is more time consuming, and takes special attention, so there are additional charges involved. But rest assured, your pet will feel much better and be happier as a result of your thoughtfulness in having these issues dealt with. It is important that from this point on you schedule regular visits to your dog groomer Boca Raton every 6-8 weeks for dogs and 3-4 months for cats, and keep up with at home attention as well.

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